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Welcome to 8Elements

A person's appreciation of taste and flavor evolves the basic tastes: Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty and Umami. These basic tastes contribute only partially to the sensation and flavor of food. other factors include Smell, Texture and Temperature.
All together these factors result in Perfect Taste.

Popular Items

$ 7 $ 4

Masala Peanuts

Crispy peanuts tossed with onions, cilantro, chips, chutney and spices.

$ 9.5 $ 7.5

Chicken Manchurian

Organic crispy chicken stir fried in chilli sauce & bell peppers.

$ 9.5

Paneer Tikka Masala

Cottage cheese in a creamy tomato sauce.

$ 7.5

Southern fish Fingers

Spice battered and crumb fried servedwith Mint tartar sauce.

$ 5

House Caesar Salad

OrganicRomaine lettuce, vegetables, mango & croutons inlemon, cilantro Caesar dressing.

$ 9.5

Dhal Makhni

Gently simmered mixed lentils cooked with tomatoes, cilantro & a hint of cream.

$ 11

Fish Tikka Kebob

Wild Alaskan salmon marinated in yogurt, herbs & spices, cooked in our clay oven.

$ 6

Chilli Cheese Toast

Regular or whole wheat bread topped with blend of organic(egg,cheese, paneer)& peppers.

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Our Yelp Review

Rick R. East San Jose, San Jose, CA
This is definitely one of the better, safer, all around indian food places for sure but sometimes its the little things that make the experience so much better. After visiting this place at least a handfull of times, my last experience was awesome.

Service was top notch. Rex helped us out and made sure our waters were topped off, orders were on point and all done with a smile. Although it may sound small, for some reason this is impossible at other places.

The venue its self was clean and modernly fitted. They also had A/C. Thank the lord

Reena K. San Jose, CA
I am soooo excited to have nearby and to have discovered this amazing little treasure!

I've been here twice this week and it's amazing so far! Loved the naan! Finally fresh naan down the road! What more does a girl need?!

Oooh and the dosa is amazing in all its massive glory.

Basically you need to eat here! It's the bomb.com

Michael N. San Jose, CA
My coworker highly recommend to take me here. He's Indian and knows all the best spots. When we walked in, the waiter knows him and started a conversation. I believe my coworker loves going here often since the customer service is very good. They seem to treat their regulars very well. The waiter recommended me to try the creamy buttery chicken. It's very popular on the menu and great for first timers. I thought the dish was fantastic and I was glad I got the opportunity to taste it. I would definitely come back and recommend my friends and family!

David B. Mountain View, CA
Perusing through Yelp the other day looking for somewhere new to eat, I was intrigued at the good reviews for this place. I think I've had some great Indian food in my life even eating at restaurants around the world but just as the five stars indicate, this is as good as it gets. The food was absolutely delicious.

We ordered some of the usual stuff: butter chicken, chicken tandoori and Jeera Palak Paneer (pureed spinach). We also ordered Aloo Gobi Sabji which is a curry with cauliflower and potatoes. The chicken, advertised as organic and free range, was cooked perfectly. I am used to occasionally getting the over cooked tandoori but this was perfect. The butter chicken... exactly as you would expect and really tasty. The curries were seasoned perfect and really good, my only regret is that I didn't try more of them. Finally, the Naam. Naam is usually a little dry, never really seasoned, just plan bread. But this Naam was just a little fluffy making it light and really tasty.

I can 't believe we found a place this good, this close to home. How in the world did I not know about it??? I can't wait to go back, I will definitely be adding this to my list of regular stops.

Kathy L. San Francisco, CA
Great local Indian restaurant! I love going here with my sister when we're craving Indian food. Very fair prices and their portions are huge so if you want to share to save money you can.

Chaat Samosas are a MUST! It has a great texture, packed with flavor and has a spicy kick. The dish has a lot of yummy chickpeas and drenched in delicious sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite dish to order anywhere and I especially love it here. I actually like this more than their Butter Chicken that everyone raves about but don't get me wrong, that dish is amazing too! To be honest everything has been great here. I was a vegetarian eating here once and it was still just as good.

This place smells super clean too! If you understand why I say this, then two thumbs up for you.